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Encounter de vară – Ediția 2020
18 – 26 iulie 2020

18th – 26th of July 2020

Cu bucurie anunțăm cea de-a treia ediție de vară a
Encounter People * Encounter Nature

A treia ediție de vară a grupului encounter în abordarea centrată pe persoană vine cu două schimbări importante: locația și durata. De îndată ce ne-am dat seama că acestea sunt două aspecte importante, am înțeles și că este nevoie să ne organizăm din timp și să stabilim detaliile mult mai devreme față de edițiile anterioare.

Ca și în alte dăți am răspuns la nevoile și la cererile grupului, astfel un grup mai mare a cerut un spațiu mai mare de întâlnire și un loc care să poată să ne cuprindă pe toți. Adăugăm o sală de grup dedicată și păstrăm toate celelalte elemente care au definit edițiile anterioare: muntele, natura, focul de tabără și bucatele gustoase.

Am dezbătut durata următorului grup encounter în urma reacțiilor și cererilor de mai mult timp. Este și pentru noi ca organizatori o încercare și sperăm să fie acesta răgazul cerut atât pentru procesul personal al fiecărui participant, cât și al grupului. Ne dorim ca acest timp mai lung să includă și traseul pe munte dorit la fiecare ediție, așa că îl includem de această dată ca fiind parte din această întâlnire.

Vom petrece 7 zile pline împreună și ne vom cunoaște pentru prima oară ca grup pe 18 iulie 2020 o dată cu cina și o întâlnire ceva mai scurtă. Vom încheia pe 26 iulie 2020, o dată cu micul dejun și o întâlnire tot scurtă de rămas bun.

The third summer edition of the encounter group in the Person-Centered Approach will bring two major changes: location and duration. As soon as we realized that these two aspects are important, we also understood the need of organizing and establishing all details in a timely manner, earlier than we did for previous editions.

Just like before, we have answered the group’s needs and demands, therefore a bigger group required a bigger encounter space and a place that could include us all. We are adding a dedicated room for the group and we keep all the other elements that have defined the previous editions: the mountains, nature, camp fire and the tasty food.

We debated regarding the duration of the next encounter group following the reactions and requests for a longer period. It also comes as a test for us, the organizing team, and we hope that this will be the time requested and needed for each participant’s personal process, as well as for the group’s process. We would like this longer period to include the mountain hike wanted throughout each edition, thus we are adding it as part of this year’s encounter.

We will be spending together seven full days and we will meet as a group for the first time on the 18th of July 2020 at dinner, followed by a short encounter session. We’ll be closing the group on the 26th of July 2020 after breakfast and a short good-bye encounter session.


Pensiunea Mosorel – sat Măgura

Așa cum ne-am obișnuit, tot muntele ne va fi gazdă de data aceasta. Vom petrece o săptămână în Parcul Național Piatra Craiului la Pensiunea Mosorel, în satul Măgura.

Accesul se poate face prin orașul Zărnești, localitatea Moieciu sau sat Peștera. Coordonatele GPS sunt 45.522169, 25.287005.

Mai multe despre noua locatie gasiti aici:


Mosorel Guest House in Măgura village

As accustomed, once again the mountains will be our host for the encounter group. We will spend one week in Piatra Craiului National Park, at the Mosorel Guest House, in Măgura village.

You can access the location through Zărnești city, Moieciu or Peștera villages. The GPS coordinates are: 45.522169, 25.287005.

More details about the new location can be found here:

Taxa de participare

Cameră Single (epuizate) 2.800 RON
Cameră Twin 2.350 RON

Taxa de participare include:

  • cazarea pe parcursul evenimentului;
  • mesele pe tot parcursul evenimentului (mic dejun, prânz, cină, foc de tabără)

Taxa de participare NU include transportul.

Locul dumneavoastră este rezervat în momentul confirmării plății avansului de 500 RON din suma totală. În cazul anulării înscrierii, avansul NU se va restitui.

Plata integrala a taxei se face până la data de 30 iunie 2020.

O dată cu confirmarea înregistrării vă vom trimite detalii despre traseu și cum se poate ajunge la gazda noastra. În cazul în care nu conduceți sau nu aveți o mașină, vă vom pune in contact cu alți participanți dispuși să preia și alte persoane.

Participation Fee

Single Room (out of rooms) 2.800 RON
Twin Room 2.350 RON

The participation fee includes:

  • accommodation during the event;
  • tables throughout the event (breakfast, lunch, dinner, campfire)

Participation fee does NOT include transportation.

Your registration is complete after confirming the payment of 500 RON advance from the total amount. In case of cancellation, the advance will NOT be refunded.

The full fee payment must be done until June 30, 2020.

Once the registration is confirmed, we will send you more details about the route and how you can reach the venue. In case you are not driving, or don’t own a car, we’ll get you in touch with other participants willing to carpool.

The Team

Arina Dogaru

Before considering the project of organizing an encounter group in Romania, my need to attend such groups has changed from year to year. I started attending these groups with a multitude of “external” hopes and needs. I wanted to experience other perspectives on being a psychotherapist, to find out how this profession evolves and changes in other countries, to gain access to books, articles and people that have been at some point in direct contact with or have actually been trained by Carl Rogers.

Later on, I found myself learning more about my limits and perspectives, my personal fears and dreams. I’ve learnt that I can study them, let go or grow them with every meaningful interaction. The essence for me were my interactions; how sincere, authentic and spontaneous I could be with myself and everyone around me; how far I could travel in one’s journey of self-discovery. All these bits and pieces of reflection have helped me personally and have given me a unique professional maturity. My most deepest understandings of how to actually be present for somebody have gained roots within these groups. I wanted this experience closer to me, closer to my world, so I decided I needed to make this happen. I am now preparing for the 3 rd summer edition and this one comes with so many changes: a new venue, a longer period for the group, new perspectives and understandings, a more defined role and a new process of learning about working in a team.

Starting this project was and still is, among others, about bringing in Romania colleagues and specialists I have met in my travels and experiences abroad, people that have inspired me, have mentored me, with whom I share a mutual understanding about person centred approach, psychotherapy and encounter groups or with whom I can have a rich debate about all these.

John and Fabienne have answered with so much openness, availability and curiosity to my ideea of them coming to Romania next summer and I receive this as a proof of trust, support and understanding of what this group and experience means to me. Joy is the word that describes best what I feel seeing this encounter group growing and developing from year to year. I look forward to this encounter and I invite you to experience it and extract whatever you need from it.

John Wilson

I am very excited to be coming to Romania and to share in this encounter experience! I love to be in an environment of uncertainty where we can lean into ways of being together that we haven’t yet imagined. It is also exciting for me to come and experience Romanian culture both in the country and in the group. I look forward to learning about the ways of human relating that are both similar and different from my own experience.

My deep belief is that human civilisation is becoming more and more empathic and I have a deep desire to support this growth through my participation in person-centred encounter groups. These groups are often laboratories in which we can experiment with ways of living together that often begin with conflict and division but can transform into experiences that help us to be our most potent selves.

I am in practice as a Psychotherapist and Supervisor. I am also Director of Temenos Education that has been offering Person-centred Counselling & Psychotherapy training since 1993. I am a founding partner at onlinevents that delivers a global programme of online continuing professional development for practitioners in the helping professions. I have facilitated groups in France, UK, Italy, Zambia, USA and soon also in Romania.

Fabienne Chazeaux

I believe in the power of interpersonal encounter and the transformation it emerges for humans. I am passionate about to facilitate and witness these magical moments. I want to serve my mission which is to be available for the group with my full heart, presence, big arms and voice. I want to create a space where we can experience new things, offering the freedom to be ourselves and grow the trust in who we are. Going back into the world with a deep trust in who we are and the knowledge that living from this trust is our most important contribution to the world.

I am looking forward to being in the Encounter Romania Group as I love working in multi-cultural environments and immersing myself in the challenge of encountering our differences and similarities. It will be first time in Romania, and I am excited to be educated and expanded in my own personal and world view by my contact with this group.

I have been a psycho-sociologist for more than 20 years working with corporate and non-profit clients to transform their systems to create rich environments where people are resilient and well resourced for their roles. Alongside this work I am also a psychotherapist, educator, clinical supervisor and large group facilitator. My practice is based in Paris and online, working with clients located throughout the world.

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