Winter Encounter

2022 January 20 – 24 

2022 Edition

January 20 - 24

What’s an Encounter group / What does an Encounter group mean/represent?  It is a space that proposes a process of exploration about life, interactions, relationships and functioning around others. It is about hearing what stands behind ideas and conventional ways of being in the world. 

The Encounter group offers the opportunity for deeper interactions and creates the space in which such a risk can be taken. We aim to build together, step by step, that safe space in which each of us can be received in the group and can contribute to what the group process will become. 

The Encounter group offers the chance to explore human interactions and their uniqueness. It is a learning climate and if often the conscious knowledge of the way we are when interacting with others isn’t easily accessible, the encounter group invites us, through the feedback received and the depth of the relationships that are being created, to reach the boundaries of our experiences in order to broaden them with new understandings and meanings.

These are just a few of our insights about the Encounter as a space for community, process, and connection. All these understandings push us to create more frequent opportunities to be in this setting.   

The winter edition of the Encounter group will be shorter than our summer experience. Therefore, we are thinking of a different schedule to which we will add an evening session. We want to keep the day hiking trip, maybe make it shorter, according to the season’s weather, and to invite you to a special movie night, when we will watch one of the interviews our colleague Arina has taken about the Encounter group and the Person Centred Approach.  

Organizational Details


As already accustomed, the mountains will be once again our host. We will spend the 4 nights of the Winter Encounter group in the Piatra Craiului National Park at Hermani Villa, in Măgura Village.

You can access the location through Zărnești city, Moieciu or Peștera villages. GPS location: N45°31’26,6“, E25°17’51,1“.


More details about the location can be found here: 

Participation fee

The participation fee includes:

  • Accommodation throughout the event; 
  • Meals for the entire period (breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee & tea throughout the event)
  • Access to the event;


Your place will be booked after confirming the advance payment of 350 RON out of the total amount. In case of cancellation, the advance will NOT be refunded. 

The full payment should be made until 7th of January 2022. 

The participation fee does NOT include transportation costs. 

Once the registration is confirmed, we will send you details about the route and how to reach our venue. In case you do not drive or do not own a car, we will put you in touch with other participants willing to take over other people.

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