The idea of weekend encounter groups, shorter meetings, has bloomed in the summer of 2018. Then, during the first summer edition of the encounter group, the participants expressed their desire to repeat the experience in another, more accessible form. The group began searching and found a formula: more frequent, shorter meetings and a location that does not involve complex administrative efforts. Thus was born a project adjacent to the summer encounter group edition.  

That moment has led to a growth of the community beyond our expectations, putting us in contact with the diversity of needs and complexity  behind them. A shorter time is always a challenge for an encounter group, but even so we want to recreate the framework in which we can meet each other in our most authentic version, to build deep connections which enable us to dare to let our needs be seen and satisfy them together and with the support of the group, in an environment specific to the person-centered approach. 

The weekend editions of the encounter group have changed their form over time, first the location, then the duration, but the year 2020 came with a transformation and many lessons about what we prioritize, the meeting or the channel through which it happens. We prioritized the meetings and there were more than we expected, Zoom became the channel that taught us about inclusion and as such we decided that regardless the social context we go through, the encounter groups should be organized both face to face and online  

Organizational Details


Face to face weekend editions run throughout a day, 3 hours in the first part of the day and 3 hours after lunch. 

After several attempts regarding their duration,  online weekend editions have been reduced to 3 or 4 hours. Although meeting online brings many advantages, more frequent and inclusive groups, they tend to become more tiresome. Thus, we believe to have found a balance, shorter, more frequent and more accessible groups.  


Our meeting location for the weekend encounter groups will be Zoom, but also face to face when this will be possible. 

We intend for this part of the project to remain organised both online and face to face, regardless of the social situation we are going through, as means to always include those who have been by our side all this time from far-away cities and countries. 

Participation fee

The participation fee is variable, between 60 and 100 lei. We want to take into consideration the possibilities of each participant while we are in contact with the fact that this fee helps us in countless ways:  it sustains our work, it offers us resources through which we can develop other parts of this project, supports our continuous training and helps us to come and share with you resources we find or hardly buy and consider extremely important. 

In case the variable participation fee brings difficulties, please write to us and we will find a solution to make your participation possible so that we can be together during the weekend editions of the encounter groups, too. 

If something unexpected happens and you can no longer participate, please let us know as soon as possible


We will process your personal data in accordance with the GDPR provisions. The data will be used with the sole purpose of registering to the event and for any information about it.



Thank you for your registration!

Shortly you will receive an email with payment details. We remind you that your place is confirmed when the advance payment is confirmed.

In case of cancellation, the advance of 350 lei out of the total amount will NOT be refunded.