Summer Encounter

July 31 – August 8, 2021

Summer edition

July 31 - August 8, 2021

The 4th edition of the summer encounter group comes with many lessons for us. During these first years we went through the uncertainties of a project at the beginning of the road, then through difficult medical situations and a flash flood that almost left us with no location to meet with just one week before the group started, followed the next year by a pandemic that affected us all in ways that cannot be described yet. However, this edition also comes with the confidence that most of the times there is a way in which difficult situations can be overcome and with the wisdom this will happen with limits born out of a need to prioritize health and safety.

It is the first summer edition and we hope to be the last one when from the very beginning of the organizing process we see 2 necessary limits: a smaller group and the request for each participant to test themselves for Covid-19 24 hours prior to arriving at the location where we will spend the following 8 days.

However, we bring a surprise that we have wanted to fulfill for a long time now and this year we have finally succeeded. The surprise consists in a grant that we managed to offer to those who are dealing with financial difficulties and about which we will write more below.

The good news is that we are keeping the area that we have enjoyed so much last year (Magura Village, Brasov), but we are changing the location. This time, our host will be Hermani Villa together with Jack the cat and Paula the dog. We also keep the hike and the campfire, to which we will add a walk by night through the surroundings.

We will spend 8 full days together and we will meet for the first time as a group on the 31st of July 2021 with dinner and a slightly shorter group session. We will end on 8th of August 2021 with breakfast and a short farewell meeting. 


“If you are trying to figure out what an Encounter is or what’s going to happen there…don’t waste your energy on it, you won’t get it right anyway.
The Encounter will reveal itself in due time…before it happens, while it’s happening and long afterwards.
The Encounter challenged me way before I got there….no predefined structure, no guide, no preview…panic, I had to let go of control.

You quickly figure out when you get there, how different your company is compared to your day-to-day life.
I have never found myself in a group where everybody was special, strong, interesting and in an advanced place on their path to self-development.
The fact that you are surrounded by such big stories, such strong personalities…it pushes you into experiencing your own individuation. You self-actualize by mirroring different aspects in the stories and experiences of the group.

The Encounter is a skillful teacher, and it teaches you lessons even when no words are spoken.
There are only a few prerequisites for admission to these lessons: to be congruent, to be authentic, and honest with yourself. You don’t have to open up to others if you don’t want to, but you must open up to yourself.

During the Encounter I have learned to slow down my existence. Not to rush my feelings or my thoughts and how to become comfortable while being in the eye of the storm.
I’ve learned how I can help someone just by being there and listening, not always by offering solutions. For the first time I did not rush to find a solution for the problem, but to listen to the unmet need that gave birth to the problem.
I felt my entire process was met with patience and understanding from everybody in the group. Even more important for me, it was met with friendship and acceptance.

Irrevocably, after the Encounter, you realize you got your ‘third eye’ opened when it comes to communication and self-reflection.
This experience not only offers growth, but strongly anchors you in your present and it makes you aware of your presence in your own life.”


“Schimbarea este ceva fluid. Ea este prezentă în orice trăire, moment, situație prin care trecem pe parcursul unei zile, ore, pe parcursul unui minut, a unei secunde… Caruselul de emoții și gânduri contradictorii pot defini poate cel mai bine schimbarea pe care eu am resimțit-o în urma acestui encounter.
Încă din primele minute de întâlnire cu grupul am simțit un gol în stomac și un sentiment de tulburare care au continuat să crească, să fie tot mai acaparatoare pe parcursul tuturor zilelelor petrecute alături de ceilalți. La început, m-a speriat destul de tare ceea ce este în mine, dar apoi am încercat să rămân mai aproape de mine și să învăț să mă ascult cu mai multă răbdare și delicatețe. Și să nu forțez, în niciun fel. Acel gol în stomac avea mare sens având în vedere ce aveam să descopăr despre mine în zilele care au urmat și asta m-a făcut încă o dată să înțeleg că schimbarea poate însemna și durere. Cel mai important este să rămânem conectați la noi și să încercăm să ne ”curățăm” constant inimile și sufletul de orice tip de prejudecăți pentru că acestea nu vor face decât să ne ascundă adevărul.
Contextul creat anul acesta în cadrul encounter-ului a fost unul dificil de ”străpuns” pentru mine și asta m-a făcut să rămân în poziția de participant inactiv, dacă îi pot spune așa. Cu toate acestea, dinamica creată, lecțiile de viață ale celorlalți, modul cum acestea au ajuns la mine și sensul pe care eu l-am dat, au fost practic ca un fel de ”unelte” care m-au ajutat să găsesc răspunsuri care rămăseseră ascunse prin cotloanele minții mele. Sunt recunoscătoare pentru această experiență, chiar dacă a fost una greoaie pentru mine!“