Summer Encounter 2020

Summer Edition

July 18 - July 26

The third summer edition of the encounter group in the Person-Centered Approach will bring two major changes: location and duration.

As soon as we realized that these two aspects are important, we also understood the need of organizing and establishing all details in a timely manner, earlier than we did for previous editions. Just like before, we have answered the group’s needs and demands, therefore a bigger group required a bigger encounter space and a place that could include us all. We are adding a dedicated room for the group and we keep all the other elements that have defined the previous editions: the mountains, nature, camp fire and the tasty food.   

We debated regarding the duration of the next encounter group following the reactions and requests for a longer period. It also comes as a test for us, the organizing team, and we hope that this will be the time requested and needed for each participant’s personal process, as well as for the group’s process.  We would like this longer period to include the mountain hike wanted throughout each edition, thus we are adding it as part of this year’s encounter.

We will be spending together seven full days and we will meet as a group for the first time on the 18th of July 2020 at dinner, followed by a short encounter session. We’ll be closing the group on the 26th of July 2020 after breakfast and a short good-bye encounter session.