Encounter Group Summer Edition - 22nd - 29th of July 2023



The word ‘encounter’ has been with us for a long time and is part of our professional and personal development. Over the 6 years since we chose to start this project, this word has taken on all sorts of meanings for us, it has transformed and matured.

Encounter is a framework that promotes the humanistic values so important and borrowed nowadays by many professional and social areas. But beyond its philosophical basis, Encounter is a context.

It becomes what people bring to it and that has, over time, resulted in some of the most profound models of accompanying the other person in the community.

For us, the ‘encounter’ journey started with the wish to further explore the Person Centred Approach, long before we started this project in Romania. Then, year after year, with each group organised, encounter became a word with multiple meanings. With its help we have unravelled professional aspects, learned about belonging within the professional community, reflected on relationships and interactions with a need for presence and awareness of a whole new kind, embraced the effort of becoming a team in which difficult conversations can be carried on and have become clearer and more settled for the life that continues beyond the group.

The Encounter Group

The Encounter Group was an invitation we started in 2017. It’s not a therapeutic group, but it is a group with a therapeutic effect and that’s because it invites us to pay attention to what we say and do while we say and do it. This exercise of being in interaction with ourselves as we choose to be in a group setting is not an easy one.The challenges brought on by such a setting are complex.

The Encounter group becomes a mirror of our ways of operating in relationships and raises some of the most profound questions about safety, trust, relating, expressing and companionshi

6th Edition

This edition is becoming one of the most eagerly awaited to this point, and that’s because it finds us in a new way of working and with new responsibilities. It is an edition that comes with many administrative changes starting with the organising team and ending with the slightly changed duration of the group.

We are not changing the intention of this group experience and we want to be able to build together a good enough framework for both personal and group processes. We also keep the desire to organise, as in previous years, a movie night, the hike which has already become a tradition and even a group learning experience.


It is a group with international participation as it has been almost every year. We mention this in the description because we know this can become an experience that requires patience and attention. As it has been in previous years, we know that this is a community exercise as translation has been facilitated by the group and we will continue to propose a similar way of doing it.


This year, in addition to the facilitating team, we invite participants to contribute to the facilitation of the group process. We invite each member to consciously participate in the group process. We encourage the articulation in the group of those moments when the two processes, personal and group, intersect, interfere or support each other.

Within the group, our team will be responsible for creating and maintaining the safe framework so necessary for the group process and will navigate with the group any difficulties that may arise.


While we have invited each participant to be actively present in what the group creates together, the organisation and framework remains the responsibility of our team. All the necessary administration before and during the group will be taken care of by the Encounter Centre team


We will meet for the first time as a group on 22nd of July 2023 with dinner and a slightly shorter meeting where we will get to know each other and embark on this new experience. We will end on 29th of July 2023 with breakfast and an equally short farewell meeting.


As we are used to, the mountain will be our host again this time. We will spend a week in Piatra Craiului National Park at Villa Hermani, in the village of Măgura, Brasov.

Participation fee

  • Place in single room = 3.500 RON
  • Place in twin room = 2.700 RON

The participation fee includes:

  • accommodation during the event;
  • meals for the whole period (breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee, tea and snacks throughout the event);
  • activities organised outside the group sessions;
  • access to the event.

The place is reserved upon confirmation of payment of the deposit of 700 RON of the total amount. In case of cancellation the deposit will NOT be refunded. Full payment of the fee is due by 25 June 2023.

The participation fee does NOT include transport. Once registration is confirmed we will send you details about the route and how to reach our host. If you do not drive or do not have a car, we will put you in touch with other participants willing to pick up.

Registration form